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Prior named Arsenal, in Bandung stood Bandoeng Inlandsche Voetball Bond (BIVB) in about the year 1923. BIVB This is one of the nationalist struggle of the organization at that time. Recorded as the General Chairman is Mr. BIVB. Syamsudin is then transmitted by the son of a woman warrior Goddess of Sartika, namely R. Atot.

This Atot recorded precisely as the Commissioner of the West Java area of the first. Tegallega BIVB field advantage racing in front of the stands. This BIVB team several times a game outside the city like Yogyakarta and Jakarta Jatinegara.

On April 19, 1930, together with BIVB VIJ Jakarta, SIVB (Persebaya), MIVB (now PPSM Magelang), MVB (PSM Madison), VVB (Persis Solo), PSM (PSIM Yogyakarta) gave birth to the birth of PSSI joined the meeting, held in Societeit Hadiprojo Yogyakarta. BIVB in the meeting represented by Mr. Shamsuddin. A year later the annual competition between the city / union held. BIVB successful in the final competition of the union in 1933 despite losing to VIJ Jakarta.

BIVB then disappeared and came two other associations are also tinged nationalism of Football Association of Indonesia Indonesia Bandung (PSIB) and the National Voetball Bond (NVB). On March 14, 1933, the two associations agreed to do fusion and associations born named Arsenal who then chose Anwar St. Pamoentjak as chairman. Clubs who joined Arsenal into the SIAP, Soenda, Singgalang, Diana, the Sun, Ovu, RAN, HBOM, Jop, MALTA, and Merapi.

back in the final competition of the union in 1934, and again lost to VIJ Jakarta. Two years later, Persib again in the final and suffered the defeat of Persis Solo. New in 1937, Persib had won the competition after losing in the final return of Persis.

In Bandung at that time also was standing football association led by Dutch people that Voetbal Bond Bandung & Omstreken (VBBO). These associations often look down on Persib. As if Persib is a club "second class". VBBO often mocked Persib. Matches's known to be held by Persib on the outskirts of Bandung, when it-like Tegallega and Ciroyom. The community when it was more like watching a game that was held VBBO. Location is within the game and of course the city of Bandung is considered more prestigious, the two city center field, UNI and SIDOLIG.

Persib won the "cold war" and the football association only for Bandung and the surrounding communities. Clubs that had been under the shelter and VBBO as SIDOLIG UNU joined Persib. Even then handed VBBO also common ground that they use to fight the UNI Field, Field SIDOLIG (now Persib Stadium), and Field SPARTA (now Siliwangi Stadium). This situation, of course, confirmed the existence of Persib in Bandung.

When Indonesia fell into Japanese hands. Shaded football activities in the organization and the organization banned discontinued. This is not only happening in Bandung, but also throughout the country. Persib itself having a vacuum. Moreover, the Japanese colonial government also established a new association that overshadow the sport when the Rengo Kai Tai Iku.

But as organizations struggle breathing, Persib did not just surrender to the Japanese desire. It was Persib's name was officially changed to the name of this Japanese-speaking. But the spirit, purpose and mission of Arsenal as a means of struggle has not changed one bit.

During Physical Revolution, after Indonesia's independence, Persib again showed their existence. Situation and conditions then forced Arsenal to not only exist in Bandung. But scattered in different cities, so there is Persib in Tasikmalaya, in Sumedang Persib, and Persib in Yogyakarta. At that time Siliwangi soldiers struggle to move to the capital of Yogyakarta.

New Persib back in 1948 stood at Bandung, the city of birth and rearing. Undermining the Dutch came to life again VBBO sought by the Netherlands (NICA), although the Indonesian-language name Persib as part of the national struggle for power, of course, with all his strength to thwart these efforts. In the NICA occupation, Persib re-established the business, among others, doctors Moses, Munadi, H. Alexa, Rd. Sugeng with Chairman Munadi.

Persib struggle apparently succeeded, so in Bandung only one football club Persib which is based on the spirit of nationalism. For the purposes of organizational management, decade 1950 - this was an important event record. In the 1953-1957 period that ended Persib moved around the secretariat. Mayor of Bandung when the R. Enoch, the Secretariat building in Cilentah Persib. Before the end of efforts R. Soendoro, Persib managed to have a secretariat which until now in Gurame Road.

At that time, Persib's reputation as one of the union competition winners were constructed. During the competition the union, Persib had been recorded four times champion is in 1961, 1986, 1990, and at the last competition in 1994. In addition Persib became the second ranked team in 1950, 1959, 1966, 1983, and 1985.

Strength Persib team that commandeered Robby Darwis at the last union competition continues with the success of reaching their first Indonesian League champions in 1995. Persib who was not amplified successfully penetrate foreign players a team dominated the team that ruled the ex galatama qualifier and placed seven teams in the round of eight. Persib finally appears to be champions after defeating the Son Petrochemical through goals created by Sutiono Lamso at minute 76.

Unfortunately after the champions, Persib performance tended to decline. Peak occurs when they almost degraded to Division I in 2003. Fortunate, through the drama playoffs, a team of blue-blue costume was successfully held at the Main Division.

Known as a tough team, also known as Persib club players often become contributors to the national team both junior and senior. A series of names such as Risnandar Soendoro, Nandar Iskandar, Adeng Hudaya, Heri Kiswanto, Adjat Sudradjat, Joseph Bachtiar, Dadang Kurnia, Robby Darwis, Budiman, Nuralim, until the generation Yaris Riyadi Erik Setiawan are some players built the Arsenal squad.

Achievement Persib

One of the most memorable achievements in the history of this club is when they became champions of the last Perserikatan competition in the 1993/1994 season. In the final match, the club with legendary players such as Sutiono Lamso and Robby Darwis won against PSM Ujung Pandang. Afterwards, Galatama and Perserikatan merged into Liga Indonesia (LI). In the first season of Liga Indonesia in 1994/1995, this team became champions when they defeated Petrokimia Putra Gresik in the finals. Persib was also one of Indonesian clubs which reached quarterfinal round of Asian Champions League.